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  • I Vape, Therefore I Am – The Philosophy of A Global Phenomenon

    Vape Banner Few people would deny that Vaping represents a huge change underway in the modern world. When any society experiences a change, it sparks interest, analysis and speculation into how that change occurred and what implications it will have for the future. The fields of Philosophy and Ethics, so often intertwined, are particularly interested in the implications that these changes have for the people of the present and future. A philosophical study of the emergence of Vaping as a lifestyle unveils a fascinating image of how Vaping influences the world, its ethical implications, and how it will affect current and subsequent generations.


    Friedrich Hegel, the famous 19th century German philosopher, made a huge contribution to the study of philosophy by combining and refining the concept of the Dialectic, discussed by philosophers since the time of the Greeks. The Hegelian Dialectic presents the progression of the world and the people in it as the result of the successive conflicts, which lead to change. An existing idea is called a Thesis – which over time will come in conflict with a new emerging idea – the Antithesis. From this conflict will emerge a third idea often incorporating aspects of the Thesis and Antithesis – called the Synthesis. Vaping represents a clear and intriguing example of the Hegelian Dialectic in action. We are presented with what was once the status quo – smoking (The Thesis). As public knowledge grew about the harmful effects of smoking, there grew a strong desire among many to quit this dangerous behavior (The Antithesis). From the conflict between the desire to smoke and the desire to quit smoking and to be healthy arose a middle ground incorporating aspects of both – the electronic cigarette (The Synthesis). Some approaches to Dialectical thought would argue that vaping is a part of the natural progression of society, which is the result of continuous Dialectical change. Other approaches to Dialectics would claim that as Vaping continues to grow, it will become the new Thesis – and in turn will come in conflict with a future Antithesis, and the conflict between them will lead to the emergence of a new Synthesis.

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  • A Plethora of Flavours – The Top 10 Most Popular E-Liquid Varieties

    There are thousands of them out there – and it seems that there are more and more every day. From sweet birthday cake to tangy lemon, the number of available E-liquid flavours has seen a meteoric rise over the past few years that is unrivalled in the history of vaping. With such a huge variety, it can be overwhelming to navigate all the options available to find the flavours that most appeal to you. To help guide this journey of your taste buds, Litejoy has compiled a list of the top ten most popular E-Liquid flavours – the flavours that hold the hearts of vapers across the globe & stand as the undisputed favourites.


    #10 – BubbleGum

    Our list starts off on a sweet note – with the candy flavours of bubblegum. There are many options available for those who want an e-liquid filled with filled with sweetness, including popsicle, liquorice, cupcake, cheesecake, and more. Bubblegum takes the top spot over these others, likely because of its availability – whereas only a handful of brands make Cheesecake e-liquids, most brands that specialise in the sweet side of vaping offer bubble gum flavours. Bubblegum has also been around longer than many of the alternative sweet flavours – giving it more time to become a favourite.



    #9 – Vanilla

    Moving to a milder tone for 9th spot, vanilla offers a flexibility of taste & smell that holds sweet without being overwhelming. Invoking the natural tastes of homemade baking, vanilla e-liquids hold a special spot in the hearts of many vapers.





    #8 – Apple

    Coming in at #8 is the classic taste of apple. Perhaps the most popular fruit in much of the world, its early extension as an e-liquid flavour was only natural. The wide varieties of sweet, sour, & tangy apples allows for these e-liquids to hit a range of sensations that appeal to diverse tastes.

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  • From Smoke to Steam – The History of Vaping

    Some would say we’re experiencing a turning point in history – a point where people are becoming aware of the dangers of smoking and are moving to greener pastures - the world of vaping. A phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, millions have taken up the change in a drive to a healthier, smoke-free future, while growing a rising community of vapers that is expanding year after year.

    But where did it all begin? What was the turning point that drove this mass social change? The history of vaping stretches back more than 50 years, and will continue to change and evolve as the technology becomes more adapted and more people make the decision to leave smoking behind.

    Herbert A. Gilbert - Creator of the First E-Cigarette Herbert A. Gilbert - Creator of the First E-Cigarette

    The invention of the first e-cigarette is attributed to Herbert Gilbert, who in 1963 filed a patent for a “…smokeless nontobacco cigarette” which could “…provide a safe and harmless means [and] method of smoking by replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavoured air”. This initial design included many aspects found in modern e-cigarettes, including changeable flavour cartridges, replaceable batteries, heating insolation, and an aesthetic design resembling a traditional cigarette. Cited benefits of Gilbert’s invention included administering inhaled medication to people with respiratory problems, “smoking” without fire or burn hazards, and providing a smoking alternative that did not included unpleasant smoke, handling a burning object, or causing lung damage.

    However, despite numerous attempts to market his new invention, Gilbert’s prototypes never took off commercially. Various explanations have been put forth for this lack of success, including smoking being fashionable at the time, less public concern about the health effects of  smoking, little accessibility, market protectionism, being “ahead of its time”, or simply poor marketing. Gilbert has claimed in interviews that the established tobacco companies he showed his design to simply waited for the patent to expire to manufacture their own e-cigarettes. Whatever the reason, the rise of vaping would slumber for some years before re-emerging in the 21st century.

    The term ‘Vaping” has its origins traced to another smoking alternative, the Favour cigarette, developed in the late 70’s by computer engineer J. Phillip Ray & Dr. Norman L. Jacobson, who jointly created a nicotine-soaked paper cigarette that allowed for direct inhalation of nicotine without the added harmful ingredients of traditional cigarettes and without needing or producing a flame. Initial marketing & production was promising, and several studies found the Favour both a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes & a helpful method of quitting smoking. However, as liquid nicotine evaporates quickly, Favour cigarettes had to be Vaped quickly after being produced, else they would produce a very unpleasant taste for the user. While the Favour only lasted about 2 years before production was halted, the terms “Vaping” & “Vaper” both originating from this nifty device, have stuck to this day.

    The original Electroinc Cigarette The original Electroinc Cigarette

    The modern e-cigarette was patented in 2003, after 2 years of development under Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. Driven by the death of his father (a lifelong smoker) by lung cancer, Lik decided to quit smoking himself and develop a healthier, vapour-based alternative. Lik’s design gained traction in China shortly after its introduction. By 2006, E-cigarettes were being sold in Europe & North America, and would soon be found across the planet. The first E-cigarettes were “cigarette-a-likes”, resembling a traditional cigarette, and were marketed as a solution to help quit smoking.

    The health effects of vaping, and its status as an alternative to smoking, caused a fair amount of controversy the world over – a debate that continues to this day. In 2008 Turkey was the first nation to ban e-cigarettes, a decision prompted by concerns over the nicotine content and harmful chemicals found in certain e-liquids. A report by the World Health Organization that same year put into question the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as an aide to quit smoking. Since then, numerous studies and debates, both pro- and anti- vaping, have emerged and brought about bans & regulations of varying severity in many nations. Some have vaping banned altogether - such as Mexico, Turkey, & Brazil – while others have restrictions on nicotine-based e-liquids.

    Vaping remains a controversial subject for many – the United States Food & Drug Administration’s decision in May 2016 to classify e-cigarettes & vaping products as tobacco products caused outrage among many in the vaping community, as tobacco products have restrictions on sale & importation in the United States. Similar controversies can be found often when a nation introduces or changes laws or regulations classifying vaping products as tobacco products, restricting sale or promotion of vaping products, or ruling whether vaping is allowed in public places or indoors.

    The modern phenomenon of vaping has a long and storied history, and has evolved over the years into what it is today. In addition to a method to quit smoking, Vaping has become a lifestyle for many, and the availability of E-cigarettes, Mods, 1000s of Flavored E-Liquids, and accessories continues to grow alongside the number of Vapers worldwide. Public opinion towards vaping has been gradually improving since its introduction, as people become more confident of the benefits of vaping over smoking & the international vaping community continues to grow & thrive.

    As for the future of Vaping – only time will tell.

    - Jeremy

  • So you’re new to Vaping – A Beginners Guide

    So you’re taking the first step – researching into the world of Vaping. Perhaps you’re looking to finally quit smoking, adapt a healthier lifestyle, or you simply want to explore the new vaping phenomenon that’s taking the world by storm.

    Whatever your motivations, it can seem like an intimidating jump – being bombarded with blogs, reviews, guides, studies, and more about vape pens, e-liquids, mods, atomizers, tanks, accessories and so much more. But what does it all mean? What makes an atomizer different from a clearomizer? And what makes PG/VG so important? Don’t worry, vaping is much simpler than it seems – and to help guide you through the first steps of vaping, Litejoy has compiled the following guide to cover the essentials and arm you with the information required to take the plunge and begin your personal vaping journey.

    true cost of smoking blog

    The Essentials – E-Cigarettes & E-Liquids

    The bulk of your vaping experience will be directly involved with an e-cigarette. E-Cigarettes come in a variety of styles, from “Cigarette-a-likes”, Vape Pens, Box Mods, and More. Vape pens are what are commonly thought of when one hears “E-Cigarette” – a small, long cylinder. As the term implies, “Cigarette-a-likes” resemble traditional cigarettes, without the smoke or smell of cigarette smoking. Box mods resemble a small box with an extruding mouthpiece. The difference between these various styles is largely cosmetic, although many vapers make a progression from Cigarette-a-likes to vape pens and, if desired, to mods. We will discuss what makes mods unique later in this guide.

    E-cigarettes are composed of several parts – a battery, microprocessor, tank, atomizer, and a mouthpiece. The tank, or cartridge, and atomizer are sometimes contained in a single unit, called a “cartomizer”. Transparent cartomizers are sometimes called “clearomizers”, and are useful for judging exactly how much e-liquid you have left in your vape pen.

    So what are people actually “vaping”? That would be the e-liquid, or e-juice, that is stored in the e-cigarette’s tank. The E-Cigarette works through the atomizer heating the E-Liquid, turning it into vapour which is inhaled through the mouthpiece. Some E-Cigarettes activate the atomizer through inhaling, while others use a button with the inhaling being a separate action.

    E-Liquids are made from 5 key ingredients – Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Water, Flavourings, and optional Nicotine. E-Liquids are often promoted based on their PG/VG ratio. A higher PG percentage leads to a stronger, drier hit when inhaled, while a higher VG percentage has a sweeter taste, milder hit, and more vapour. Certain varieties of E-Liquid will contain only PG or only VG, although a mix of the two is more common.

    E-Liquids come in a thousands of flavours, ranging from tobacco to birthday cake, while Nicotine content generally ranges from Nicotine-free to 24mg per millilitre of liquid (or 2.4% Nicotine). For those looking to quit smoking, weaning off nicotine by progressively reducing nicotine content is a popular strategy.

    snake_rattle_dripper_puff_dragon Puff Dragon E-Liquids come in 16 flavours & in nicotine strengths of 3mg or 6mg

    Going Deeper – Drippers, Mods, & Accessories

    Vape Mods can look very similar to standard vape pens, but have more powerful internal parts such as a stronger battery, atomizer, more liquid capacity, or unique cosmetic style. Mods can come pre-built, or may be assembled from scratch or existing vape pens using parts of your choosing. Box mods are a popular type of mod, resembling a box with an extruding mouthpiece. The greater surface area of a box mod makes it easier to grip in the hand than a vape pen, and the ability to easily swap parts lends greatly to their appeal.

    “Drippers” are E-cigarettes that operate by dripping e-liquid directly on to the atomizer and then inhaling. Dripping is popular as it allows for stronger flavour, increased vapour, and the ability to easily swap flavours while vaping. Mod parts for dripping include specialized mouthpieces called “drip tips”, atomizers designed for dripping, and catchers for e-liquid that may spill while dripping. Certain varieties of e-liquids - such as the Puff Dragon dripper series – are specifically designed for use in drippers.

    Switch Mods UK Litejoy is proud to be the exclusive UK supplier of Switch Mods, providers of premium US-made dripper mods.

    Litejoy is proud to be the exclusive UK supplier of Switch Mods, providers of premium US-made dripper mods.

    Accessories for vaping include chargers, replacement batteries, mod parts, carrying cases, & cosmetic additions. Once you have found your personal vape style, you can use accessories to customize your e-cigarette of choice to match your lifestyle and make it a unique reflection of you.

    Now get started!

    Now that you’ve got an understanding of the world of e-cigarettes, it’s time to start your personal vape journey. The Litejoy EGO Crystal Dual Coil Starter Kit – combined with a Puff Dragon e-liquid flavour of your choosing - is the perfect package for the beginning vaper.

    Happy Vaping!

    - Jeremy

  • 5 Leading Benefits Electronic Smoking Has Over Traditional Cigarettes

    In order for someone to switch brands or consider alternatives, they need to clearly see the benefits of the new approach. E-cigarettes are no different.

    Many, if not the vast majority of those interested in electronic smoking, are current smokers. Chances are you’re one of them – searching for an alternative but wanting to understand the benefits of switching from your current brand.

    E-cigarettes are indeed an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They’re a suitable alternative for many because of the benefits they have over “smoking.”

    We invite you to continue reading for 5 of the leading benefits electronic smoking has over traditional cigarettes…these benefits were discovered from customer feedback as well as numerous scientific studies examining both traditional and e-cigarettes.

    Reason #1 – E-cigarettes do NOT have that distinctive odor

    Just about anyone knows – cigarettes smell!! It’s their hallmark.

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  • Go smoke-free with 15% off this Stoptober!

    Throughout October, thousands of people across the UK will be participating in Stoptober, a 28 day challenge to stop smoking. Evidence shows that if you go 28 days without a cigarette, you're 5 times more likely to go smoke-free.

    Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death globally and is responsible for 6 million deaths each year. Continue reading

  • Should Electronic Cigarettes be banned in public places?

    This week, the World Health Organisation has published a report calling for tighter controls on electronic cigarettes but it seems these views are based on the same old fears and outdated views previously shared by other sources.

    In the report they state they believe electronic cigarettes could be more toxic than people currently believe, and they recommend that vaping be banned in public places bringing it in line with the current regulations for tobacco cigarettes. Continue reading

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    Litejoy Gold Label range features a menu of specially developed recipes providing a Gourmet E Liquid experience that's packed full of flavour!

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