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Electronic Cigarettes - What are they?

E Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are devices that effectively simulate the process of smoking a tobacco cigarette. Litejoy e-cigarettes are designed to be similar in appearance to tobacco cigarettes. We offer the option of 8 great refill flavours and 4 nicotine strengths.

Electronic cigarettes are not included in the UK smoking ban and are therefore 100% legal to smoke anywhere. They also have no proven passive smoking risks.

Litejoy e-cigarettes contain eliquid which is consisted of 5 ingredients; Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Water and food grade flavouring. 

How do e-cigarettes work?

There are essentially two parts to an electronic cigarette; a cartomiser and a battery.

The cartomiser is composed of both a cartridge and an atomiser. The atomiser is an element in the cartomiser that heats up and vapourises the eliquid. The cartridge containing the eliquid is located at the tip of the cartomiser.

The battery (largest part of the e cigarette) is a lithium-ion battery which is responsible for powering the atomiser and LED light in the tip that lights up purple as you vape.

How do I use an electronic cigarette?

Litejoy e-cigarettes are operated in effectively the same way as a normal cigarette. To operate the e-cigarette, simply inhale, this pulls the eliquid across from the cartridge to the atomiser which in turn heats up the eliquid until it becomes vapourised. Inhalation of the vapour then delivers nicotine to the lungs.

The exhaled vapour looks the same as the smoke released from a tobacco cigarette; however this is actually liquid vapour. 

How can electronic cigarettes be charged or powered?

If you choose a rechargeable Litejoy e cigarette, there are a number of options available for charging your e cigarette battery. Litejoy provides a range of electronic cigarette chargers including usb chargers, car chargers and mains chargers.

The wide range of Litejoy chargers allows you to recharge your battery wherever you are to ensure that your electronic cigarette is always ready for use. 

Are e-cigarettes safe?

Electronic cigarettes contain the highly addictive substance nicotine, however they contain no tobacco, tar or any of the other 4,000+ harmful and cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes making them a healthier alternative to smoking.


Our Customers Say:

  • Cheap to run well designed product.

    Upgrading fron the Ego single coil kit, I found this a marked improvement. It is easier to refill with no spillage to wipe clean. The coils have no hanging wicks to worry about. Vaping itself is easier with less restriction to the airflow, although someone did comment how the increased airflow made me sound like Darth Vader. Another plus I found was that it had a sort of air bypass that made it stop working when the liquid got very low to tell you when to refill and protect the coil from being damaged. Altogether a product I would recommend.

    By Justin on 2016-01-13 13:50:35

  • Very good coils

    Highly recommend this product, high quality and last a long time.

    By Pete on 2016-01-06 12:58:02

  • Good product

    Good quality product, though a little exspensive.

    By Beccy on 2015-11-10 13:04:46

  • Simply the best!

    First found this product in Feb 2013 when I stopped smoking after 30 odd years. I've not even had so much as a single puff on a cigarette since! Have tried other e-cigs in the last couple of years but keep coming back to this one from LightJoy. Excellent value and superb quality, no cheap plastic here! Love the top loading for e-liquid & coils, topping up and/or coil changes takes seconds. The 1000mAh lasts me approx. 1-1.5 days but have had the 1300mAh battery before and they lasted about 2-3 days between charges. If you're looking for quality and value with a smooth vape then this is the e-cig for you! 10/10

    By Marie on 2015-11-04 20:27:07

  • Long lasting and good quality

    These coils last a lot longer than the month that I was advised. They are of excellent quality and value. I highly recommend this product

    By Laura on 2015-10-07 19:31:12

Why choose electronic cigarettes?

The benefits of switching to an ecigarette include:

  • Zero tobacco, tar and cancerous toxins
  • Zero ash and offensive odours
  • 100% legal to  smoke anywhere
  • Satisfies Nicotine cravings
  • No known passive smoking risks
  • More cost effective than conventional cigarettes
  • Looks & feels like a conventional cigarette
  • Available in a variety of great flavours

E Cigarettes

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18+ OnlyWarning: You must be over 18 years of age to purchase electronic cigarettes & e shisha products.