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Electronic Cigarettes - What are they?

E Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are devices that effectively simulate the process of smoking a tobacco cigarette. Litejoy e-cigarettes are designed to be similar in appearance to tobacco cigarettes. We offer the option of 8 great refill flavours and 4 nicotine strengths.

Electronic cigarettes are not included in the UK smoking ban and are therefore 100% legal to smoke anywhere. They also have no proven passive smoking risks.

Litejoy e-cigarettes contain eliquid which is consisted of 5 ingredients; Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Water and food grade flavouring. 

How do e-cigarettes work?

There are essentially two parts to an electronic cigarette; a cartomiser and a battery.

The cartomiser is composed of both a cartridge and an atomiser. The atomiser is an element in the cartomiser that heats up and vapourises the eliquid. The cartridge containing the eliquid is located at the tip of the cartomiser.

The battery (largest part of the e cigarette) is a lithium-ion battery which is responsible for powering the atomiser and LED light in the tip that lights up purple as you vape.

How do I use an electronic cigarette?

Litejoy e-cigarettes are operated in effectively the same way as a normal cigarette. To operate the e-cigarette, simply inhale, this pulls the eliquid across from the cartridge to the atomiser which in turn heats up the eliquid until it becomes vapourised. Inhalation of the vapour then delivers nicotine to the lungs.

The exhaled vapour looks the same as the smoke released from a tobacco cigarette; however this is actually liquid vapour. 

How can electronic cigarettes be charged or powered?

If you choose a rechargeable Litejoy e cigarette, there are a number of options available for charging your e cigarette battery. Litejoy provides a range of electronic cigarette chargers including usb chargers, car chargers and mains chargers.

The wide range of Litejoy chargers allows you to recharge your battery wherever you are to ensure that your electronic cigarette is always ready for use. 

Are e-cigarettes safe?

Electronic cigarettes contain the highly addictive substance nicotine, however they contain no tobacco, tar or any of the other 4,000+ harmful and cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes making them a healthier alternative to smoking.


Our Customers Say:

  • Lovely flavour

    This stuff tastes like real apples, by far the best apple flavour that I have tried so far, very pleasant. Wish they did a 30 or 50 ml size so that it came a bit cheaper, then I would use this and the cherry flavour all the time. As it stands as a 10ml, it's kept for high days and holidays as a treat....which is a real shame.

    By Barkings on 2014-08-06 11:24:34

  • Great Tasting ELiquid

    ive always loved sweet melon shisha, its sweet rich and enjoyable. my first thoughts were simple amazing with this e-liquid, the flavour was almost like eating a melon. the smell sticks around and smells so good. i would recommend this flavour to anyone trying out e-liquids for the first time.

    By Ryan on 2014-08-06 11:22:13

  • Like pear drops!

    I purchased this e liquid today at a local store & while I can't say it tastes like cherry in any way it does taste like pear drop sweets I used to buy as a teen! Delicious & moreish..this is my favourite liquid to date & I have only been on the e cig for 3 days! Will definitely be purchasing more of this flavour.

    By minniemuffinmoo on 2014-08-06 11:20:11

  • MY Favourite Flavour !

    Very nice taste and my favourite flavour to date. Seems to suit the vaping experience. As with all the litejoy e-liquids they are not the cheapest on offer but from those I have tried are certainly the most tasty and realistic. Works well mixed with Cherry.

    By Richard on 2014-05-28 17:13:51

  • Nice & Realistic Cherry Taste

    Very nice taste. As with all the litejoy e-liquids they are not the cheapest on offer but from those I have tried they are certainly the most tasty and realistic.

    By Richard on 2014-05-28 17:11:21

  • Nice product, Good quality, Great Taste

    This is my first vape / ecig unit and I have to say I am impressed. I've had it almost 2 months so have held off from reviewing until I had used it and tested it out thoroughly. Firstly, the quality of the Ego T is very good and although a few pounds more expensive than my local suppliers product this is bigger and better made bit of kit. My friends have slightly cheaper/smaller models and they are not as well made as the Litjoy product. The atomiser is clear and you easily see how much liquid you have. Also this goes into my jeans pocket and does not leak even if its upside down etc. The atomiser is filled from the top and therefore this helps when refilling. I have seen others that refill from the bottom and they leak and are more tricky to fill. I have changed the coil wick only once so depending on usage I would say they last approx 4 weeks until you start getting a burnt taste and need changing. The battery seems to last a long time. I am not a heavy user except on weekend nights and this has not gone flat yet so I just give it a couple of hours charge if I know its going to be getting some use. The taste of the litejoy eliquids are very good. I recommend the apple and cherry and are great mixed 50/50 which is a good way to reduce your nicotine levels if you mix with lower strengths. The same flavours my friends have purchased taste completely artificial and awful compared to the litejoy liquids so its worth paying that little extra. My friends love my liquid choice and I am often sharing it around. Definitely a good product. I was not a heavy smoker but enjoyed a few cigs with a few beers but this has taken away the urge for those. With the Vape unit you normally have a few puffs and then put it away so you end up smoking/vaping less than if you had lit that cig. If you are in doubt go for it as they are a great substitute, taste nice, are better for you, and save you ££££.

    By Richard on 2014-05-27 15:29:21

  • product

    quality product at a good price

    By taff on 2014-05-02 15:48:03

  • Absolutely delighted

    Fantastic product. Been looking to quit smoking for years as my husband and I were spending £800 per month on cigarettes. We are both now on our twelth day and doing brilliantly. If it can work for us - it'll work for anyone. We have recomended several people who have all bought this kit and are doing great on it. One point to note - The Vapejoy shop that we bought our initial kit from only display the 10ml bottles of oil and seem reluctant to supply the 30ml bottles which are much better value for money at £11.99 in comparison to the £5.99 for the 10ml bottles. The shop needs to offer the 30ml bottles more freely to try to keep the custom for the oils as punters will simply buy their oils from their local market stall or discount shop.

    By Ali Ryda on 2014-04-08 21:50:17

  • Great value & does the job!

    Purchased today in my local store of Loughborough. Already have an E cig kit from a well-known online supplier but bought the Stardust Ego as a back-up along with the cherry E liquid recommend by the sales assistant. I have the Stardust all day so far & love the Clearomiser which I don't have with my other E gig. What a difference a Clearomiser makes to the draw! Much smoother & the cherry E liquid is divine! This will be my number 1 E cig with my old one being the back-up. It's definitely worth investing in a Clearomiser if your a serious vaper like me or trying to give up the fags (like me!) Only downside is you have to purchase replacement coils as average life expectancy on these is around a month (dependent on use) but this may be true of all E cigs. Not sure as new to all this but a great buy!

    By minniemuffinmoo on 2014-03-17 19:24:51

  • Like pear drops!

    I purchased this e liquid today at a local store & while I can't say it tastes like cherry in any way it does taste like pear drop sweets I used to buy as a teen! Delicious & moreish..this is my favourite liquid to date & I have only been on the e cig for 3 days! Will definitely be purchasing more of this flavour.

    By minniemuffinmoo on 2014-03-17 19:14:50

  • Excellent

    Excellent product from the first time i tried this i love it& i still do now, has the best taste and flavour with no after effects.

    By Sayf on 2014-03-03 01:01:02

Why choose electronic cigarettes?

The benefits of switching to an ecigarette include:

  • Zero tobacco, tar and cancerous toxins
  • Zero ash and offensive odours
  • 100% legal to  smoke anywhere
  • Satisfies Nicotine cravings
  • No known passive smoking risks
  • More cost effective than conventional cigarettes
  • Looks & feels like a conventional cigarette
  • Available in a variety of great flavours

E Cigarettes

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18+ OnlyWarning: You must be over 18 years of age to purchase electronic cigarettes & e shisha products.