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E Shisha

Litejoy eshisha pens (e hookah) are disposable, ready to use straight from the pack, require no assembly and are supplied ready charged.

Litejoy eshisha are nicotine free (Nicotine 0%) and are available in the following:

300 puff eshisha (Discontinued) – Litejoy 300 puff eshishas are available in 4 flavours; Apple, Orange, Strawberry and Grape.

500 puff eshisha – Litejoy 500 puff eshishas are available in 8 great fruit flavours; Apple, Blueberry, Grape & Mint, Pomegranate, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry and Grape. Litejoy 500 puff eshishas are slightly longer than the 300 puff eshishas and contain more eliquid so produce even more vapour!

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